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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build horizontal UMS Portable Injection Units?
Yes. However, most of our units are vertical. We chose vertical units as a standard because they are more transportable from press to press. For example, the tops of 80 and 700 ton presses are very similar. However, the two presses have significantly different centerline heights resulting in low flexibility for horizontal units. Horizontal units are available at an additional cost of 5%.

Do you have a patent?
Yes. U.S. Patent 6,994,810 B2 for our press mounted unit. Another patent is pending for our tool mounted version.

How does the portable injection unit communicate with the base machine?
We use the standard SPI robotic interface to communicate. There is a common permission handshake between the two electronic portions of the base machine and our UMS Portable Injection Unit. The base machine constantly asks for permission to do functions. In return, our machine gives permission to do those functions and vice versa. Function permissions are given to press robots the same way.

Where does the power come from?
We supply our own independent hydraulic unit. It will plug in and sit next to the machine. The hydraulic unit provides power and control for all functions.

Can you run a robot with your Portable Injection Unit?
Yes. We give the same outputs to the robot as the base machine would. The machine, UMS Portable Injection Unit, and robot are interconnected and look for permission to execute functions.

If your UMS Portable Injection Unit is on top of the stationary platen, how do you get it to work in conjunction with the robot?
We mount our robots on top of the moveable platen with a linear bearing and support plate.

How long does it take to install a UMS Portable Injection Unit on a press?
It takes less than one hour.

Can UMS Portable Injection Units be used for silicone/EPDM?
Yes. Models are available that can run silicone/EPDM resin.

What is the UMS Mini?
This unit is used for small multishot molding applications. The UMS Mini is an independent injection unit that can mount directly to the mold.

Why did you start building UMS Portable Injection Units?
We had presses to sample single shot molds but could not adequately sample multishot molds. We started sending our molds overseas for multishot sampling, but debugging outside of our facility proved difficult. Some customers shipped presses here, but that added cost and delays.

We looked at the majority of our customers and figured out what types of machines they were using to determine what would be the most beneficial solution. Based on the information we found, we came up with our own portable injection units and started selling them to the outside a few years later.

Today, we have the flexibility to sample molds with an "L" configuration (either out the rear or in a vertical position) with our UMS Portable Injection Units. If a customer needs a parallel barrel or piggyback mold sampled, we have standard manifolds for adapting to those technologies.










Multishot Injection Molding Arrangement U.S. Patent 6,994,810 B2
(Other patents pending)