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Vertical [V] Series Installation showing standard robot interface

Adapting a UMS Portable Injection Unit to your existing machine will show a significant cost savings versus purchasing a new multishot machine.

Save Floor Space
Our vertical unit mounts on all injection molding presses, saving valuable floor space.

Easy Installation
Units can be installed by a trained set-up technician in less than a few hours time. The unit can easily be transported between multiple injection molding machines to make every press in your facility multishot capable.

Various Options
Our units are offered in many standard sizes (vertical and horizontal) and may be custom built to fit your exact specifications.

Adjustable on screen control on the X and Z axis (manual on Y).

Robotics Friendly
Robotics can be used in conjunction with the unit. Our units use standard SPI or Euromap 67 interface, enabling seamless communication between secondary, primary injection units, and robots.

Lead time is 8-14 weeks depending on selected options and specific requirements. Select units in stock.






























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