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UMS Rotary Platens
Vertical rotary platens must withstand the rigors of continuous use while maintaining optimum operability and accuracy. Designed for a fast paced market, these rotary platens are built with quality and performance in mind. Our unique designs are widely used in our own manufacturing facilities, demonstrating true usability and durability over time. Proven benefits include reduced installation and maintenance costs with increased flexibility, efficiency, and overhead savings. UMS Rotary Platens are custom built in our tooling facility to fit the size and style specifications of the program. Sizes range from 400 mm to 2850 mm and style options include: Flush Mounted (Standard), Euro Style Water Jacket, Servo Driver Electrical, and Automatic Unscrewing Mechanism.

Our new isolated water union with no-load carrying function increases the longevity of seals.

Double productivity without requiring a larger press!
Horizontal Rotary Stack technology utilizes current molding equipment to bring cost effective multishot molding to your production facility.

Like our vertical models, these platens move from press to press and can accommodate different molds.










Rotary Platen Assembly U.S. Patent # 6,402,504 B1
(Other patents pending)