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Standard Platen Features
Our rotary platens optimize quality, cycle time, and cost savings.
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14 Standard Platen Sizes (400mm-2200mm)

A. Rotary potentiometer for positive tool location.
B. Positive stops assure accurate positioning.
C. Tapered locators insure fast & true mold positioning.
D. Solid bronze, alloy coated base plate protects the rotary plate from wear.
E. Straight locks for verification of locations & set-up.
F. Proximity switches for table position verification.
G. Quick disconnects for easy coolant connections to the mold & press.
H. Quick disconnects for temporary connection to molds.
I. Isolated water lines maximize thermal efficiency.
J. Isolated water union with non-loaded bearings for long seal life. Hydraulics for
    cores are available.
K. Optional circuits are available for hydraulic, electrical, water, and air.
L. SPI, Euromap, and custom combinations of knock-out and tool patterns are
    available to fit any press or application.
M. Multiple hydraulic and servo motor options for simple and accurate
    table rotation.










Rotary Platen Assembly U.S. Patent # 6,402,504 B1
(Other patents pending)