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Engineering Study

Version 06
Common Core / Indexing Plate (Rotary Stripper)

General Notes & Transportation Method
This concept is different in that it is not using the rotary platen concept. This version is using a lifting and rotating striper plate. As the drawing shows, a two-piece stripper plate allows for a core to float between these two plates. The core is trapped between these plate and limited in travel by the head on this core. The static flush and static advancing blocks will set the appropriate height for the core (the static flush and static advancing blocks are attached to the static "B" plate). This floating core, when raised at the second shot location allows for second shot material to be fed below and underneath the part.

Relationship to Concept Part
All criteria are met.

Advantages: If the press you have is without a rotary platen this method will produce the exact concept part.
Disadvantages: None.