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Engineering Study

Version 01
Robot transfer using one press

General Notes & Transportation Method
This method, for our costing purposes, is using one press with two injection units. The first shot is molded on one-half of tool. Mold opens, robot enters to pick part off of first shot core and places it onto second shot core. This is a simple application. Generally, robotic transfer will not work for complicated internal parts, i.e. phones, pagers, etc. For the application we’re showing here, it works fairly well because it is a simple second shot core with piloting and it’s easy for the robot to reposition the part onto second shot core.

Relationship to Concept Part
All criteria are met.

Advantages: Simple tooling, reusable robot.
Disadvantages: Generally, with the robot version, the press should be equipped with a vision system, to verify that everything is in the proper place. Generally, yields are not as good with the robot because the robot is more prone to dropping a part or putting a part in the wrong spot.