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Multishot Data

Eliminate Secondary Operations
By design, multishot technology can eliminate downstream assembly by achieving the task during the molding process. O-rings, gaskets, caps, straps, inserts, handles, grips, logos, text, masking areas for metal plating, and hinges can be molded into the part.

These improvements can assist in the reduction or elimination of assembly equipment, labor, non-conforming parts, and part failure in the field.

In Mold Assembly
Using mechanical design techniques, moving parts can be achieved with multishot injection molding. The valve shown at right has a polypropylene petcock (red) molded into a static polycarbonate housing (white). The petcock can rotate inside the housing 360 degrees by incorporating the use of a mechanical bond (bonded together by design and the use of dissimilar materials). The third shot material (blue) uses chemical bonding (bonded by the natural characteristics of similar materials) creating a soft rubber seal. This valve leaves the mold fully assembled exactly as shown because all three materials are introduced during the same molding cycle.

The battery latch shown demonstrates a multishot part with a movable component. The internal black module of this part is 0.7cm in diameter and rotates 180 degrees inside the gray housing, acting as a locking mechanism that can be fastened and unfastened in order to secure and remove the battery housing.

Soft Touch
Ergonomics has proven to be a deciding factor in today's consumer market. Multishot applications such as grips, handles, text, and color separations fuel customer desirability.

Cost Effective Solutions
Imagine your program requiring less press time, manpower, storage, and injection molds. MGS customers realize these cost savings every day.

Molded Graphics
Logos, text, and graphic elements can be molded right into part geometry, eliminating costly labels and stickers that wear, fade, and fall off.










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