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Contact John Berg or Adam Simons
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MGS Tooling
Over the past 25 years the MGS Mfg. Group has continued to provide high quality molds in industry leading delivery times. We build between 400 and 450 tools a year, have 80 journeymen toolmakers on staff, and have dedicated 60,000 square feet of facility space exclusively to toolmaking.

We Build:
  - Prototype Tools
  - Single Shot Tools
  - Coreback Tools (Core Toggle)
  - Robotic Transfer Tools
  - Rotary Platen Tools
  - Indexing Plate Tools (Rotary Stripper)
  - Stack Tools
  - Low to High Cavitation Tools

MGS Molding

We handle high technology molding. TecStar, our custom molding company, has presses that range from 28-880 tons, over 50 multishot systems, and over 200,000 square feet of production space with multiple manufacturing facilities; we have the capabilities and capacities your programs require.

We Mold:
  - Single Shot Programs
  - Multishot Programs
  - Blow Molding Programs