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Questions About the MGS Mfg. Group

What kind of company is MGS?
We are an engineering house, a toolmaker, a blow molder, an injection molder, and a custom machine builder all under one company. It wasn’t always that way. Through customer demand and active progression on our part, we have been expanding our services since we opened our doors in 1982.

What is the difference between two-shot and multishot molding?
Mostly semantics. Whether you call it Two Shot Molding, 2-Shot Molding, Bi-Inject, Two Color, 2K, Dual Component Molding, Dual Color, Overmolding, Multi Material Molding, or Multishot Moulding it all refers to the introduction of multiple materials into the same mold.

What about Co-Injection or Sandwich molding? Are they multishot too?
Although these processes introduce two plastics into the mold, we don’t consider these to be multishot, at least not in our definition. The difference with true multishot is that the part geometry is always formed by tool steel and/or hardened plastic already in the mold. With co-injection and sandwich molding, both plastics are liquid at the same time and part geometry varies depending how the materials blend during each cycle.

Does MGS run molds built by another tool shop (transfer programs)?
Yes! Over 1,000 of the molds in our production inventory were not built by MGS. MGS has accepted transfer molding programs ranging in scope from one mold to hundreds!

What engineering and moldmaking software do you use?
Pro / Engineer (Pro/Manufacturing, Pro/Moldesign, Pro/Foundation, Pro/Mechanica, Pro/Toolkit, Pro/Intralink), SolidWorks, Unigraphics (Manufacturing Bundle, Design Bundle, Moldwizard Bundle), SDRC (Master Series, Artisan), AutoCAD (Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD LT), Cimatron, Mastercam, Catia, SolidDesigner, Work NC, SurfCam, and Vericut.

How many facilities do you have?
We currently have eight facilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Mexico (with over 522,000 sq ft of total facility space).

How many employees do you have?
Over 600.

What markets do you serve?
Our diversified company serves a wide range of markets: Consumer (26%), Medical (18%), Electronics (14%), Automotive (9%), Industrial (9%), Packaging (9%), Computer (8%), Telecommunications (3%), Appliance (2%), and Avionics / Aeronautics (2%).

How many molding presses do you have?
We have 140+ Hydraulic & Electric Injection Molding Presses (28-880 ton), four continuous extrusion shuttle blow molding machines, and one industrial blow molding machine.

What certifications do you have?
ISO/TS16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 Certified, NSF National Sanitation Foundation Approved, FDA Food and Drug Administration Registered, CSA Canadian Standards Association Certified, UL Underwriters Laboratories Regulated Manufacturer, GMP Compliant Manufacturing. These certifications may not apply to all of our facilities.

Do you have any patents?
Yes. Portable Injection Units: U.S. Patent 6,994,810 B2
        Rotary Platens: U.S. Patent # 6,402,504 B1
        Multishot Injected Molded Valve: U.S. Patent 6,371,444 B1
        UMS Vacuum Units: U.S. Patent # 7,158,854 B1
        Other patents pending