The MGS Mfg Group is committed to advanced engineering solutions, providing customers with quality driven products and services for over 30 years.

With a tradition of exceeding our customer’s expectations, the MGS team excels in engineering & design, moldmaking, development & qualification, injection molding, multishot technologies, continuous extrusion blow molding, scalable automation, assemblies, and complete turnkey manufacturing systems.

Our personnel, facilities, technologies, and expertise combine for seamless integration to ensure your program’s success.

With experience and a dedication to progress, the MGS Mfg. Group delivers results to our customers while developing leading-edge innovations within the plastic industry. Visit our corporate website at









Our Products and Services
Equipment:  Portable Injection Units   Rotary Platens   Hot Runner Controllers
Manufacturing:   Molding (Single Shot & Multishot)   Tooling (Single Shot & Multishot)

Multishot Molding Multishot Tooling Two Shot Molding Two Shot Tooling 2-Shot Molding
2-Shot Tool Dual Component Molding Dual Component Tooling Multi Material Molding
Multi Material Tooling

UMS Portable Injection Units U.S. Patent 6,994,810 B2 // Rotary Platen Assembly U.S. Patent # 6,402,504 B1
UMS Vacuum Units U.S. Patent 7,158,854 B1 (other patents pending)